Guideline for Contributor

The Editorial Board of SHEJ Journal invites academicians, professionals and authors to contribute articles, research papers, case studies, abstract of doctoral dissertations and book reviews in the field of Special Education, Disability, Rehabilitation, Vocational, Higher Education & other relevant Education areas. The following are the guidelines for the contributors:

  • The contribution must be original, neither published nor under consideration for publication anywhere else at the same time.
  • The cover page should contain the title of the paper, author’s name, designation, official address, contact phone, email address. The next page should contain an abstract of not more than 150 words along with five key words.
  • The main text should not contain the authors name or affiliation. The face sheet should contain a declaration by the author(s) stating that the article/ research paper has not published or not been submitted or accepted for publication by any other journal, magazines or book publishing houses.
  • The manuscripts should normally be of around 4000- 5000 words (15-20 pages).
  • The authors should submit one hard copy, one soft copy (CD – MS word format) of the manuscript for publication typed in double spaced, time new roman, 12 font size leaving 1.5 inch margin on all sides on A- 4 paper. Moreover, the contribution should also be sent as an email attachment to
  • Typescripts should be typed on one side of the sheet. Figures, tables, graph or chart should appear soon after the text and numbered numerically with appropriate headings.
  • All notes are indicated by a serial number by using foot notes in the text.
  • Follow British spellings throughout: ‘programme’ not ‘program’, organisation’ not ‘organization, ‘behaviour’ not ‘behavior’.
  • Follow APA style of referencing and the same can be put at the end of the manuscript.
    For example;

  • Book: Moon, C (1994), “Changing Pattern of Business – Government Relations in South Korea”, Tata Mc Graw Hill, New Delhi
  • Journal: Kaur, Harvinder, (2004), “Time Varying Volatility in the Indian Stock Market”, Vikalpa, Vol.22, No.3 (Sept.) pp.52-60
  • Website: Complete address with URL, along with date of accessing the website; last accessed on 12.02.2007

  • Author(s) will receive one copy of the journal.
  • Please send your brief profile with areas of interest and academic affiliation etc. along with contribution.
  • The contributing authors shall under his/ her signature undertake that the article is original and unpublished work and has not been submitted elsewhere for publication /consideration
  • Authors/ Contributors are responsible for any copyright clearance, factual inaccuracies and opinion expressed in their contribution.
  • Author / Contributor shall indemnify the Publisher against all losses / claims / third party suits /complaints etc. as a result of publication of their article in full at all times.
  • The Editorial board has the full and unfettered right and sole discretion to accept or refuse / remain silent on an article for publication depending entirely on its standard / relevance. The article accepted may be modified to meet the Journal’s standards of contents, presentation and style. Authors may also be requested to revise their manuscripts before they can be accepted for publication. Correspondence will be done with the first named author unless otherwise stipulated.
  • SRDE may re-use the details of authors/ articles/ material submitted/ published in SHEJ for its various other purposes as need be. SRDE may also extend courtesy to other such journals or link-up with other similar related organization for promotion of Articles/ SHEJ/ SRDE.
  • In case of any dispute the jurisdiction shall be Delhi state only.
  • The manuscript and all other editorial correspondence should be sent to

The Chief Editor - SHEJ
Society for Research & Development in Education
A-1/4, Sector-8, Rohini, Delhi- 110 085 India