Student Interest Matrix – Senior Secondary (SIM-SS)

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) offers a range of subjects for students of Class XI & Class XII to choose from. These subjects form the basis of future course of study and set the direction of one’s career. Students completing Class Xth level seldom are fully convinced about once future career goals and be fully decisive about choosing subjects from Class XI onwards. Decision taken at this point is most important and becomes the focal point for choosing the future course of study. Parents & peer group play a major role in choosing of stream / subjects. Psychological aspects like Interest, aptitude, motivation are not much explored due to either absence of information or non –availability of resources.

Student Interest Matrix- Senior Secondary (SIM-SS) is an Interest Matrix developed for students studying in CBSE designed curriculum, wherein apart from choosing the compulsory one language; other subjects chosen are together classified as stream and fifth and/or sixth optional subject. The SIM-SS has been pilot tested and found to be very useful for identifying the perceived Interest of the student by not only making him/her aware about the different subjects that are available which can be taken up for learning. Often such options are over-looked by the student due to acceptance of popular choices and/or allocation of subjects by school based on academic performance. The SIM-SS is a step towards facilitating ‘informed decision making’ and thereby doing justice to the philosophy of ‘Right to Education’ though informed choice of education.

The students are expected not to take more than five to seven minutes. With the use of this tool, they will not only be able to inform themselves about the different subjects being offered by CBSE at Class XI & XII level; but also can be picked up for study as per norms of school/ CBSE. Based on a score (to be derived by the student him/herself after taking the test); he/she will be able to appreciate one’s perceived interest amongst different subject on offer by CBSE. The subjects listed in the SIM-SS Version 1.0 are based on subjects being offered by CBSE for session 2019-20. This tool will also be very helpful for the schools to map the interest of students and accordingly recruit teachers and offer different subjects in their school.

We are hopeful that this tool will help students to take informed decisions. The students will become active participants in the decision making process. Schools, parents and other stake-holders will find it easy to objectively take a decision each year based on the result of the SIM-SS. The SIM-SS will be upgraded each year based on the CBSE announcements for subject offering for students of Class XIth & XIIth.

Suggestions & inputs are welcome from different stakeholders. It is felt that constructive feedback shall definitely result in betterment of facilitation of students who need to be empowered as much possible with different resources available with our society in general.